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Customizing Your AI Voice Avatar

Let's jump into everything about your AI voice avatar.

With 8 preset options to choose from, you can go through faster or slower options against chosen accents as well. Check out a full list of our prebuilt AI voice avatars below. 

You can pick how long your avatar waits to respond as one example. This is important as to not cut people off. An avatar setup with zero delay for responses will come off as super pushy for example. Slowing it down a bit allows for a bit more rhythmic communication.

You may also pick from the preselected accents, genders and languages below. 

With a rigorous amount of training, our engineers will teach your AI avatar just like one would a child. Starting with basic principles every avatar has like not being rude and how to ensure customer satisfaction, we quickly move on to more advanced areas.

Imagine if you would that you could teach your artificial intelligence the knowledge you gained from every educational textbook you ever read. You would then share a similar amount of knowledge. Go a step farther and give it the entire course at a local college to become a plumber for example and it would know quite a bit about plumbing. 

We build customized knowledge bases for your AI avatar that will represent your company like an All Star employee would. 

No this is not something we are able to do at this time. We have taken part in projects like this but they require hundreds of hours of training to complete. Please inquire with us directly though if you wish to talk about this. 

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