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What to understand about conversational AI. How to use it?

Conversational AI is a specific kind of artificial intelligence. Using an (NLP), or natural language processing fields, your AI is able to understand and process the human language. This technology has only been developed by the beginning of 2024 for the English and Spanish languages. 

Natural language processing is it's own independent branch of the computer science field. This is an area one might dedicate their career to working on.

Giving computers or artificial intelligence the ability to understand and process the human language is the number one function of NLP's. 

While this may seem like very new technology, chances are you've seen this before in areas like:

  • GPS devices that have voice command options.
  • Digital assistants like Cortana and Siri
  • Speech to text dictation software like this option from Google.
  • One more area is the use of this technology for all kinds of web based chat bots. You may even think there is a real person on the other end after the growth of devices like this sounding more and more natural every day. 

In order to teach your conversational AI all the things it needs to know to be a helpful member of your team, we upload as much informational content as possible. 

For companies that have a rigorous training program and lots of written protocols, this means really quick start times with us. Don't worry though, even if you never wrote a word about what your business did online, someone did, and we will quickly configure your conversational AI for your business needs. 

More information is better. Right now we can only do training via the written word but plan on adding the ability for our conversational AI bots to learn via video recordings as well. 

Every AI bot has a set amount of knowledge it is allowed to have. You choose how much or how little your robot knows about your business. 

Want it to recommend specific parts or programs based on user intent? This is exactly the kind of customer improvements we hope to bring to you through conversational AI. 

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