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Dial More Leads

Getting an immediate answer when a potential customer contacts your business means your conversion of leads to sales will be driven up.

Let us follow up with every part of your customer journey.

Call Example
Conversational AI Interaction

Conversational AI

Have a conversation with your customers about anything they need to make a purchase or decision.
Let your AI avatar do the talking.

Let AI Do The Talking

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Global users


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Automation Support

Setup The Functions Your Business Needs

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Get The Best AI Voice Calling System

Constant Communication

With a variety of standard and customizable integrations to use with your ai voice calling software, you will be able to build the client experience of your dreams with very little human labor.

Conversational AI

*Plus usage of $0.05 a message

$ 197 /Monthly
  • Engineered AI
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Follow Ups
  • Answer Questions
  • All Device Access
  • Avatar Customization
  • Smaller Setup $500

AI Voice Software

*$0.17 to $0.39 per minute in telephone usage costs

$ 497 /Monthly
  • 4 AI Avatars
  • Engineering Team
  • 24/7 Live Support
  • Protocol Knowledgebase
  • All Device Access
  • 1 Custom API Integration
  • Up To 100,000 Calls Weekly

Initial Setup

AI Voice Setup Cost

$ 2,500
  • Avatar Instruction
  • A2P Compliance Setup
  • Funnel Creation
  • CRM Integration
  • API Mapping


Run Your AI Voice Calling From Any Device

Access and update client records or request payments on the fly. Audit your avatars customer conversations when you have the time and follow up only when you need to. 

Technologicall Robot AI

Meet Our First Bot - Dave

As a demo, when you’ve got questions about your AI voice calling software, Dave is here to help answer anything you want to know about our services. At this point, he probably knows quite a bit more than any one person at Technologicall does about what we do.


Not only can you use AI voice calling for home service calls, this is one of the areas we excel in the most. Get up to date alerts when a client books a service call and know exactly what issues they have. Teach your conversational AI to know exactly the same things you would teach your staff. 

Yes, however, in order to connect to the payment processor you will need to do so via an API integration. 

Yes, you can build your system to capture and be responsive to client concerns. Have a prebuilt system that excels at client happiness while you focus on performing the tasks your business is being paid to do. 

If you want us to, the system will introduce itself as your company's digital assistant. For example:

"Hello, this is Abby, the uStore-iT digital assistant. I can help you book a new storage unit, pay a bill or answer any questions you might have about our facilities? So what can I help you with today?"


They will not know if they are talking to an AI voice avatar. This is your choice. An introduction into a campaign like this would look more like the following example. 

"Hi, this is Sue from letting you know your mailers have went out for the December auto dealership campaign. We've had some static on our lines today so forgive me for any lag on my end. Did you get the email receipt we sent over?"

International AI Voice Calling

Available In Over 100+ Countries


AI Voice Calls

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AI Voice Calls


AI Voice Calls


AI Voice Calls


AI Voice Calls


AI Voice Calls

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